The Blog of the Jerusalem Open House


Welcome to the blog of the Jerusalem Open House! Here you will find thoughts about gay Jerusalem, reflections on Open House events, and more. Please note that each blogger’s opinion is zir own, and not the opinion of the Jerusalem Open House as a whole.


The Jerusalem Open House (JOH) is a grassroots, activist organization of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered (LGBT) people and their allies. The JOH aims to secure LGBT rights in Israeli society and make our city a place where all people are free to seek self-fulfillment. We provide direct services for the LGBT community in Jerusalem, while advancing a society more accepting of diversity through advocacy, collaborative efforts and community activism. With a constituency as diverse as the city itself, we reach across political, ethnic and religious boundaries to make the possibility of a meaningful life outside the closet accessible to all Jerusalemites. We acknowledge the challenges of reality in our city, and choose to address these challenges positively: celebrating the human potential for freedom and demonstrating how people of different faiths, sexual orientations, genders, and worldviews bear witness to community rather than conflict and show that tolerance has a home in our city.


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