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Located on 1 Horkanus street, Videopub is an eclectic little venue in the heart of Jerusalem that offers a small dance room, rooftop and excellent service by one bartender who also acts as the dj for the night. The atmosphere and people are what makes up for the cosy space; it’s a place for the gays, the lesbians, the bisexuals, trans-identifying, drag king & queens, the religious & non-religious, the queers, the questioning and always the curious. You’ll have a place where the bartender is welcoming and energetic that tends to your desires and needs (purely all musical and thirst quenching related, the rest is up to you), you’ll have a place that is accepting, understanding and ready to dance their head off while offering a place just for you to do the same. The great thing about Videopub is that it doesn’t have to be so crazy, the club also offers movie nights on the quieter days (which are usually Sundays through to Wednesdays) as well as special events when its time to get the glitter out. Best nights to go if you want to party are Thursdays and Saturdays, but lets be honest every night is always a party night for the LGBTQI community!

You’ll be wanting to go back for more!!


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