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Jerusalem is Covered in Rainbows

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This morning, I looked up to find a rainbow flag fluttering above a juice bar and a grocery store, hanging in the middle of the street. These flags have been posted all over the city, signifying the approach of Jerusalem’s annual Pride Parade. We gather tomorrow at 5pm in Independence Park.

Rainbow flags used to be posted the day of Pride, and snatched down as the parade marched across the city. This year, the Jerusalem municipality granted our request to raise the flags a day before the parade so the entire city will know that pride is coming.

Rainbow flags have appeared throughout history and geography to represent inclusiveness and diversity. As we celebrate gay pride tomorrow, we must keep in mind ourselves and our struggles, but also the people and struggles that are often forced into the margins. 

For so many, Jerusalem is an incredibly holy place. These little glimmers of pride around the city remind us that bigotry cannot destroy Jerusalem’s sanctity.

Tomorrow, come march with us to demand equality and justice from the Knesset.

Afterwards, take your activism and charitable work beyond pride. Continue working to make  Jerusalem a safe place not only for people of all genders and sexual identities, but for people of color, people of all religions, and people of all socioeconomic backgrounds. Consider your communities, consider your assets, consider your skills, and go where you are needed.



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