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Ashdod debuts Pride, June 21 2013

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This past Friday, I took an early morning bus from Jerusalem to the Biblical city of Ashdod, which borders the Mediterranean Sea. I disembarked the bus feeling nervous: I was alone, my phone had died and Ashdod has a sizeable conservative population who tend to be unsupportive of gay rights. I did not expect the fierce, naked and glittery antics I had become accustomed to at D.C. Pride. I expected the atmosphere of a protest. I expected tension between the queer community in Ashdod and its opponents.

As I approached the marchers, I found that the Ashdod pride parade was far more joyous and celebratory than I anticipated. I heard there was a small counter protest, but I didn’t really notice. I noticed colorful banners, bathing suits, singing, marching, kissing and laughter. Check out some of the lovely pictures!



Openly gay Knesset Member Nitzan Horowitz with Betty Ezri and Dana Lazar at the Jerusalem Open House table.



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