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Hello From The New intern!

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Hey everyone, I’m Marty the new intern at the Jerusalem Open house.

I am here from NY on a 5 month internship program, and so far its been amazing. Everyone at the JOH has been really welcoming and there is a great sense of community within the LGBT circles in Jerusalem. The community here is small as say compared to Tel aviv, but there is a real sense of family that is unique to the Jerusalem lgbt scene. There is a great mix of people within the community ranging from religious to secular and everything in between, and its really refreshing.

While i am here i hope to help and work on as many projects as possible to help out the community. The first thing i am working on is restarting the “English Speakers Group” at the JOH, so feel free to join our Facebook group and page below for all the latest updates and events. I will also be updating this blog constantly with current events and topics from around Jerusalem.

I am looking forward to this great experience, and hopefully i will be able to contribute to this wonderful community!

Until Next Time,



English Speakers Group Links:

FB Group:

FB Page:




One thought on “Hello From The New intern!

  1. Good luck and welcome to JOH!!!

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