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Jerusalem Pride March

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The Jerusalem Open House, along with other organizations and individuals from across the country marched on the Knesset on Thursday.  The English Speakers Group took quite a prominent role, holding the banner and balloon arch that lead the parade.  Thankfully it was mostly a non-violent demonstration – though one woman was beaten up on her way to the march when someone learned where she was headed. 

The march was the perfect conclusion to Kati and my summer, a high point after two months of working at the Open House.  I was so proud of this community that an event like the March could happen in Jerusalem. The rally at Gan HaVradim was also very poignant, as we demanded the right to be treated like human beings.  Nir Katz’s mother spoke, along with a member of the Knesset and letters from Tzipi Livni and the minister of education. 

I wish I could write more, but I must catch a plane in Tel Aviv.  This blog will go on haitus until the next coordinator of the English Speakers Group arrives, hopefully in the fall.  Until then, enjoy some pictures from Ma’ariv – the nation’s third largest paper – including one of members of the English Speakers Group at Pride holding the lead banner:


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