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What is Equality to You?

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Check out the new video called ‘What is Equality to You’ make by our very own intern Kati! She has spent weeks doing extensive interviews with the LGBT community in Jerusalem about their personal experiences, and this is only the first video she’s compiling from the footage.  The video showcases what equality means to different people and comes just in time for Pride.  Though the movie is still mostly in Hebrew (sorry English speakers!), Kati put it together beautifully.  Her work is especially impressive considering she doesn’t speak Hebrew and managed to produce a cohesive montage anyway.  Kati will also be putting together a longer video reflecting wider LGBT experiences of Jerusalem, so keep an eye open for that in the near future!

Until then, the JOH would like to present ‘What is Equality to You?’:

Also, for another great video about why Pride is necessary in Jerusalem (not sanctioned by the Jerusalem Open House), check this video created by Ronron and Nofar Rada out:


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