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Final English Speakers Event of the Season – Karaoke at HaTaklit

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Last night the English Speakers Group held our final social activity of the summer – karaoke at HaKatze.  The bar has a great karaoke set up, with lots of variety in song choice and we all got into it.  Favorites included Lady Gaga and oldies like the Beattles, as well as past Eurovision winners and American classics like Bruce Springstein and Shania Twain (we are English speakers after all!).  People sang solo, in duets, and even in larger groups, and though we weren’t always quite on tune, I think everyone had a great time.  Some of the JOH staff even joined and were eventually coaxed on stage despite loud protests.  The video recordings of their performances will live on in infamy in the annals of Facebook.

Here are some picturs of the rest of the group being rockstars:

Coming from both of us, thank you to everyone in this community that made our summer internship so much fun.  Kati and I have loved getting to know you and this city and we’re expecting some serious reverse culture shock upon our return to school.  The JOH staff manages to make coming into the office something to look forward to, and I’m sure we’ve made lasting friendships with members of our beloved English Speakers Group.  Thank you for everything

We are still looking for a new coordinator for the English Group, so if you are interested in planning (less frequent) social activities during the year, please email us.  It’s really worthwhile to get involved. Trust us.


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