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Jerusalem Pride’s Back On!

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The Jerusalem police have reversed their earlier ruling and Jerusalem Pride will now culminate with a rally in front of the Knesset (Israeli parliament) as planned on July 29th!

This is especially important news since this year’s pride will commemorate the one-year anniversary of the Bar-Noar shootings by demanding additional rights and protections for the LGBT community.  The march’s tag line – “What is Equality?” – is fitting as we focus on five key areas of inequity, including access to health services, the right to family, freedom from hate, freedom of identity, and access to state resources. You can learn more about the march on our newly refurbished (!!) English website here . Also, there’s a cool little sideshow talking about “What is Equality?” available from the JOH’s Facebook page under videos (sorry it’s not translated into English yet, getting there!).

During this week’s English Speakers Event (Monday at 8 PM at the JOH) our community coordinator Yotam will talk for a bit about how to get involved in the parade. We will also have lots of desserts and icing to sweeten the deal!  If you can’t make the meeting, but would still like to get involved regardless of your Hebrew level, here’s how:

Physical and Virtual Presence: Become a visible supporter of LGBT rights and of the Jerusalem Pride Parade. Pass out fliers in your neighborhood or in other popular public places! Join the Jerusalem Pride Parade’s Facebook page and invite friends!

Ushering: Want to take a more active role during the parade itself? We need ushers to guide people along the parade route and to inform JOH staff of any issues. Ushers are crucial to ensure the parade runs smoothly and will meet a couple hours before the start of the march.  You will still get to participate in the parade – you will just get to wear an official t-shirt while you do it! Recruit your friends, family or random people off the street to help as well. The more the merrier!

Contact for more details about how you can get involved!

And now for your viewing pleasure, an article originally printed at on the police’s decision to allow the parade to continue as planned:

Police okay gay pride parade route to Knesset

Police backpedal, approve parade organizers’ request to conclude march outside parliament

Ronen Medzini

Published: 07.06.10, 14:08 / Israel News

Jerusalem District Police have backpedaled and have now granted authorization to the gay pride parade, to be held in the city at the end of the month, to conclude at the Knesset building as per the request of its organizers.At the parade’s end, a rally will be held in the nearby Rose Garden.

A number of weeks ago, the police recommended that the parade be held on the same route as it was last year, citing security concerns.

This year, the Jerusalem pride parade will mark the one-year anniversary of the slaying at the gay youth center in Tel Aviv and will be billed as Israel’s national gay pride parade. For this reason, the organizers insisted that the parade conclude at the doorsteps of Israel’s legislative branch. Jerusalem Open House Executive Director Yonatan Gher said, “The parade route to the Knesset, on the anniversary of the murder, is the proper route to symbolize what the parade is demanding – full equal rights for the gay community in Israel and an end to the incitement, violence, and silencing that we experience everyday.”

Gher continued, “On this day, the message that will be sent from Jerusalem to Israel and the world will be a message of accepting the other, of celebrating the human diversity that makes up this unique city, the capital city that is holy to all of us.”

Ayala Katz, bereaved mother of Nir Katz who was murdered in the Tel Aviv youth center shooting, said that she will participate in the Jerusalem event.

“The message sent today to all of Israel’s citizens is that threats of violence are not rewarded. The parade on the eve of the murder’s anniversary is granted full legitimacy today, and we, as parents, will march for the benefit and the future of our children,” Katz said.


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