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English Speakers Group pulled out the projector and popcorn for this week’s social event – movie night. The group chose “But I’m a Cheerleader” for our flick, a comedy about a cheerleader sent to ex-gay therapy by her worried parents. As the young “homosexuals” forced to wear bright pink dresses and blue suits go through crazy therapy, they bond and of course begin to rebel. Great film to watch with a group, so funny when you have people to laugh with. After the movie, a lot of us stayed around to talk and get to know each other a bit, mingling also with the Women’s Group a bit. A group of us then headed over to Hakatze for the drag show, which was entertaining as usual. Of course, we English speakers avoided the call of “any tourists?” Though a few of us could be categorized that way, we know better than to go on the stage for teasing! Next week’s event will be Decorate-a-Dessert! Bring your favorite dessert, and we’ll bring some yummy frosting.


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