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Tel Aviv Pride!

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This Friday, Blake and I attended the Tel Aviv Pride Parade with the Jerusalem Open House, passing out flyers for the march in Jerusalem July 29, during and before the parade. At the fair that preceded the parade, there were all kinds of booths set up from different Israeli organizations that serve the LGBT community – from Tehila, the Israel version of PFLAG, to Sisters, a women’s organization, to gay-friendly rental apartments looking for consumers.

They gave out many different stickers, tattoos, like this one at the fair, many rainbow! There were also many people walking around with different elaborate costumes like the frog one below.

The parade itself was an awesome thing to see. Since I started from the back and tried to move forward through the parade to pass out flyers to marchers throughout, I got to see all of the various floats, filled with dancers and glitter and rainbows.

I got to see just how many LGBT people and supporters there were in this one small space of the world at the beach party afterward… it was an awing experience!

There was a lot of swimming, music, and food. There were also vendors set up with rainbow stickers, bracelets, etc. I couldn’t find any official Tel Aviv Pride shirts sadly, but there was some really cute jewelry (not just the sometimes tacky rainbow stuff I usually find!).

Next week will be the next Pride event in the area, the Jerusalem Pride Picnic on July 25! It will be at 3 pm at Gan Sacher, with a potluck lunch, soccer, and Shabbat services.


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