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Queer Scavenger Hunt and Drag Show!

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We had a great time at the first event of the summer, traipsing around the city as a group looking for places that concern the LGBT community. Highlights were a stop at Hakatze, the bar at Shushan 4 that holds a drag show Monday nights, and Independence Garden, a known cruising spot. It was great getting to know people in the LGBT English-speaking community! Some of us then went to the drag show later that night. I have to say, they were better drag queens than we pulled off the drag kings. But then again, they had much more time to prepare! The show included numbers from Chicago, Moulin Rouge and Wicked, and songs in both Hebrew and English. A lot of the comedy in between was in Hebrew, but the songs that played during intermission that everyone danced to were very familiar, mostly American. Lots of Lady GaGa!

We enjoyed impersonating drag at the Hakatze!

The performers of the Givelt in drag, performing a Moulin Rouge song at Hakatze.


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