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Be’er Sheva Pride

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Last Friday (June 4th) the JOH staff headed south to Be’er Sheva for their first ever pride event.  We set up a booth, then settled in to enjoy the entertainment set in an enormous rainbow-clad amphitheater.  The turn out was good and the mood very festive. One thing that made this event particularly noteworthy is that despite the newness of this event, the municipality pledged NIS 15000 to support it (with Jerusalem Pride a decade old, the city has yet to contribute funds).

We had to leave the event early to get back to Jerusalem, but we were treated to several great acts in the two hours we spent there.  Korin Alal and her band opened the show. Given her age, she is one rocking chick – both Kati and I were thoroughly impressed. Afterward we were treated to a drag show by the two queens that were MCing the event – Galina Port de Bras and Alexandra von Strauss (pictured in her amazing rainbow dress – just one of several gowns for both of them that afternoon). Galina drove down to Be’er Sheva with us and I got to watch her transformation as she put on her makeup. She is more of a woman than I will ever be. The last act we caught was a particularly over-the-top gay singing duo named ‘Yehonathan’ performed. It felt a bit like I was watching free gay porn.

Here are some pictures from the event (notice we like rainbows much?):


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