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Queers, Beers, and Games

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Tonight we had the first Jerusalem Open House English Speakers Group event planned by Jessica and me. (I don’t understand why we put “beers” in an event title and then tell people that they need to bring their own. How is that part of the event? Oh well; apparently it attracts people.) It was a lot of fun, thank goodness–the only rough spot was that both of us bought snacks, so there was way too much food and I ended up coming home with all four bags of generic Bamba.

I had been worried about the event for the past couple of days. I flyered at Hebrew University, but I don’t know the official procedure so my signs kept being torn down. Would people know about it? Would people want to come to a game night? But it all worked out. A bunch of us were there at 7:30, and we didn’t end up leaving until around eleven. I had some very good conversation, too. It’s so much easier to talk to people when we’re not squeezed into a room and just told to mingle!
The night has left me with such a pleasant feeling that I felt a need to write about it, but now that I sit down to do so I’m finding that I really have nothing to say. Maybe I’m just tired. It is midnight over here, after all.


Author: Dev Singer

Dev is a study abroad student at Hebrew University 2009-2010. She is also an intern at the Jerusalem Open House and one of the coordinators of the Engish Speakers Group.

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